Pozzi Leopoldo RCR EOP - heat recovery system

Poultry processing plants




Heat recovery can work the way round.

In poultry plants, after the pluking process, the chicken carcasses have to be washed and cooled before freezing or packaging.

This is generally performed with long air-activated spiral tunnel- washers where clean water at 4°C is continuously fed, while a similar important amount of highly contaminated water is discharged athe other end of the washer, counterflowing the birds.



The Water Screw Chiller is designed to wash and pre-chill evisceration poultry prior to weighing, portioning and packing
It prevents deterioration in meat quality and microbial growth by bringing down the product core temperature by means of cooling water.

the outflow of cooling water is passed into a RHeX / RCR rotary exchanger and the chill energy is used to lower the temperature of the incoming cold water which is at higher temperature.

In some south eastern countries this can be as high as 30°C +.

Important savings in the chiller load can therefore be gained.

The video above is from an installation in a poultry farm in Thailand where RCR exchangers are used to pre-cool the incoming fresh water using the exhausted effluents of a poulrty washing line.