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RHeX listed among the Solar Impulse Foundation "1000 solutions"


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01 Sept 2019

RHeX listed among the Solar Impulse Foundation "1000 solutions"


In September 2019, the Solar Impulse Foundation granted an efficient solution label to Pozzi’s RHeX rotating heat exchanger, thanks to its scalability, environmental benefit and profitability.

The Solar Impulse Foundation aims to bridge the gap between ecology and economy, with the final goal of generating opportunities for clean economic growth. For this reason, thousands of projects belonging to energy related companies worldwide have been submitted and evaluated by the Foundation to identify the best 1000 solutions that could better the environment in a profitable way.

According to the Foundation experts, the design of Pozzi’s RHeX proves to be an efficient way to extract/give heat to/from extremely dirt and mechanically polluted loaded effluents, while its versatility of use makes it suitable for both industrial and civil applications.

The simplicity of the RHeX design and the low requirements for its implementation makes it an ideal solution to reach geographical areas where other environmental solutions would otherwise be considered unsuitable.

In addition to the clear benefits that the use of RHeX provides in terms on energy recovery and positive environmental impact, the Foundation particularly appreciated the profitability that Pozzi’s rotating heat exchanger will bring to clients. Compared to standard heat exchangers (such as plates or tube), the RHeX demonstrated to bring striking financial benefit, thanks to its low payback time.

Once again, Pozzi’s products prove to be cutting edge in sustainable technology advantages, demonstrating Pozzi’s continuous efforts to manufacture innovative solutions for a sustainable future.


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