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The design of a perfect heat recovery system
for the industry has to address three important areas:

  • the ability of the heat exchanger to handle CONTAMINATED liquids

  • the reduction (if not ELIMINATION) of maintenance costs

  • the matching of heat source with heat sink characteristics of the machinery

Pozzi Leopoldo has designed and built a self-cleaning heat exchange unit
, which has become extremely successful throughout the world over the last decades.
, the heat exchanger has a central element rotated continuously by a small motor.
This element comprises of a series of hollow discs which are fitted with baffle plates connected to a hollow axle through which clean water flows.
The exchanging element rotates inside a trough, again equipped with baffles, through which the effluent flows in the opposite direction to the clean water.
This new design brings very definite advantages
when this exchanger is used with polluted effluents.
Its rotation creates turbulence in both the primary and secondary flows, which enhances heat transfer.
Rotation also prevents the build up of deposits from the dirty effluent.
Turbulence due to the rotation creates a centrifugal separation effect which keeps the contaminants away from the exchanger surfaces.
Thus, maintenance
for cleaning is practically non-existent.

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